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The body is made up of different organs and tissues which do not age uniformly. The mode of accelerated aging varies across different body parts in different individuals. However, generally, age-related and pathological degenerative changes start to happen in people in their late 30s.

An anti-aging assessment to help detect and reverse degenerative conditions by identifying weak points of ageing early.

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What does an Anti-Aging Assessment consist of?

A full body anti-aging assessment begins with a review of your personal and family medical histories. The program is individually designed by our team who will identify and recommend treatments depending on where you’re currently at in the aging process.

We will perform some tests, including salivary adrenal tests and full body hormonal checkup.

Based on your test results, we will recommend an appropriate treatment plan which will include anti-aging therapies.

Salivary adrenal tests
Salivary adrenal tests are hormone tests that can uncover biochemical imbalances caused by conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, obesity and other chronic conditions. Key hormone levels like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are measured.
Full body hormonal checkup
Hormones control our mood, impact metabolism and determine how we handle stress. Essentially, hormones are responsible for balancing nearly every major system in our body. As we age, our hormone levels deteriorate. A hormonal check up will determine if your hormone levels are impacting your health.

What you should know about Anti-Aging Assessment

A salivary adrenal test requires spitting into a test tube four times a day to measure cortisol and other hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. We will provide test tubes to carry with you throughout the day. The tests should be taken in the morning, noon, evening and night.

A hormonal test is done through a blood test. Prior to treatment, it is advised to be honest about any signs and symptoms in order for the right hormones to be tested.

Yes, anti-aging assessments are extremely safe and commonly done by healthcare professionals. Our anti-aging treatment has been successful in helping patients with skin disease and chronic lethargy.

A regular medical checkup focuses on detecting diseases like cancer and other lifestyle-related conditions, while an anti-aging assessment prevents and treats pathological aging in addition to the above.
This test is suitable for everyone, but particularly helpful for individuals with chronic lethargy and skin disease.

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