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Sanakin is a specially-developed technology that allows the creation of an autologous cytokine rich serum (ACRS) derived from the blood of a patient using the specially developed Sanakin technology. As a result, this technology completely avoids using any artificial additives.

All kinds of inflammation, both in and on the body, can be autogolously treated using this serum. Another benefit of this technology is that it activates the body’s own regenerative power.

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Why Sanakin?

One of the many advantages of Sanakin are that the attending team member is in a position
to offer his patients an effective treatment for all forms of degenerative aging or
inflammation processes of the skin which is also very well tolerated and has few side
effects. The skin is treated purely biologically and completely autologous.


Sanakin is a completely natural and proven technology that does not contain any chemicals. It is a 100% autologous treatment. The serum produced by the doctor is obtained from the patient’s own blood and contains no additives. Hence, due to the natural composition of the serum produced, it is very well tolerated by the body and duration of this therapy is unrestricted as overdose is impossible.


The serum obtained with the medical device Sanakin® positively supports the body’s natural healing process. It is extremely effective due to the optimal ratio of anti-inflammatory interleukins to growth factors.

Acne-prone, oily skin
UV damage, hormones, skin debris, skin irritatants and skin bacteria causes facial sebaceous glands to be irritated and secrete excess oil, and skin to become chronically red and inflamed. Sanakin calms the cells down and reduces skin inflammation and irritation, preventing excess sebum production and acne.
Chronically Inflamed skin (eczema, rosacea)
Skin conditions like eczema and rosacea are autoimmune conditions where your own skin is excessively inflamed (even without external irritation or cause). Sanakin is a great, natural treatment without medication or other added ingredients, to solve such difficult skin conditions. Effective results can be seen at every session, it will require repeated sessions.
Hair Loss
Fluctuations in the Male Pattern Hair Loss hormones, fungal and bacteria infections, endogenous scalp inflammation causes hair loss. Sanakin stops inflammation at the level of the hair bulbs and promotes thick, strong hair growth.
Joint Pain
Overuse of the joint, loss of lubrication and growth of bone spurs causes constant inflammation and wear and tear. Sanakin reduces inflammation and wear and tear, and harnesses your body’s own regenerative powers.

What you should know about Sanakin

Our bodies contain immune proteins that signals and transmits messages to our cell tissues. Due to an imbalance of proteins, natural processes associated with ageing happen. The autologous cytokine rich serum created from your body’s own cytokines sends messages to control and stop inflammatory processes in the body, thereby supporting the natural regeneration and revitalization of your skin. This accelerates natural cell renewal which produces younger looking skin!

During the procedure, a very small amount (about 10ml) of blood is removed from the patient through a cannula. The blood is then transferred into another cannula and stored in an incubator for up to 3 hours. After incubation, the blood-filled cannula is centrifuged for about 5 minutes. The produced serum is separated from the coagulated blood, inserted into another cannula and injected immediately into the patient.

Sanakin is a completely natural and proven technology that does not contain any chemicals. It is a 100% autologous treatment; only the patient’s blood is used. Hence, due to the natural composition of the serum produced, it is very well tolerated by the body with close to zero downtime.

In addition, duration of this therapy is unrestricted as overdose is impossible.

Effects from Sanakin are seen in a short time. Treatments can also be customised by your doctor for the best results and results are akin to doing botox, fillers and plastic surgery. Patients can look forward to augmentation of chin, cheeks and neck, revitalisation of skin, reduction in hair loss, treatment of scars and lots more.

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